How to choose a plot

You need to choose a parcel of land to build on wisely, in order for you to enjoy your dream home. Some key issues you should pay attention to, before buying a plot are:  


  1. Cost of land 

The cost of the land should be priced reasonably within your overall home construction budget, avoiding a situation where you exceed your means and are unable to build your home within your timelines and budget.

Together with this, do some due diligence and compare the cost of your plot with the plots in the neighbouring areas, and ensure that you are getting a good deal.   


2. Land registry

 Visit the land office in your district and ensure that the title deed is duly registered. There are a lot of con artists in the land business, the onus is on you the buyer to try your utmost to ensure that you’re not duped. 


3. Terrain (Slope) and shape 

 Physically visit the plot and check that the slope of the land is not too steep, if you’re looking to build an affordable house. Engage the services of a building surveyor* to review the shape of the land, establish the beacons* for the plot, and to give guidance on the terrain of the land. 


4. Soil type 


The local County Council should be able to provide you with a geological map showing the general soil types in the area, if this is not available – carry out your own. We can also commission a specialist to perform a geotechnical study that will detail the properties of a given soil. The law does not impose an obligation on the investor to carry out geotechnical surveys, but sometimes a construction project must include the results of geological and engineering surveys as well as geotechnical conditions for the foundation of building structures (the designer of the building decides about the necessity to carry out such tests).