Category: Post Construction

Categories: Post Construction


1. Solar energy


The sun is the main source of energy in the world.

In a building project, this energy can be utilized to generate electricity for the home, and also provide heating – this gives rise to both environmental and economic benefits.

There are a large number of companies and non-profits in Africa that offer good guidance an provide resources for utilizing solar energy in your home.



2. Using energy-saving lights and appliances



Categories: Post Construction


1. Carry out periodic upgrades


After a couple of years, carry out an aesthetic upgrade to a given area in your home that you feel is worn down, or has an outdated style. E.g. You can choose to repaint the kitchen cabinets, sand down and stain doors a different color etc.


2. A stitch in time


When something is broken, or malfunctioning – take effort to have it fixed immediately before it creates a downward effect on adjacent elements e.g. a leaking roof fixe in time can prevent a ceiling from being damaged entirely


3. Deep cleaning


Create a plan to clean out every inch of your home over a given period, as this is a good way to ensure maintenance. For example, roofs and gutters should be cleaned often to ensure good quality of rain water collection and also to avoid blockage of downpipes