Tips to keep down construction costs

1. House Size: 

The footprint size of your house is one of the biggest determinants of the cost of the house. Choose a house plan with a square footage and corresponding price that is well within your construction budget

The height from floor to ceiling also affects your costs – To save money, have this height as the minimum livable height, instead of having high ceilings.


2. Buy from Wholesalers Instead of Retail.

When buying selected materials, e.g. doors, floor tiles etc. look to purchase the items in bulk from a wholesaler or fabricator. This is a sure way to save a decent penny. 

Do your due diligence and find out online, your local hardwares etc. – where the source of some construction materials is.

Furthermore, always ask for a discount if buying in bulk.

The most expensive item in a shop is not necessarily the best quality.


3. Choose simpler, open and well-designed floor plans

The more complex a design, the more costly it is to build it. 

A floor plan with many corners, curves, and walls will definitely take longer to build, and will cost more.


4. DIY (Do it Yourself)

You may choose to engage yourself in the task if creating certain decorative pieces that you would like to have in your house e.g. wall art, light fittings, etc.

You can also reuse materials that have been discarded from house demolitions, garage sales – be on the lookout for such deals.

Choose a design style that has a forgiving aesthetic. For example, an industrial style home can work without having to put in floor tiles above the screed, allowing significant savings


5. Build in Phases

As Rome was not built in a day, neither is your dream home. Consider moving into your home once you have the basic amenities put in, then slowly add on your desired finishes over a period of time as your savings increase