What are the different stages of construction?

1. Site Clearance and Excavations

Once a contractor and his/her team has been appointed, one of the first things to carry out is clearing of the site. Depending on the nature of the land, this involves cutting off shrubs and excess vegetation, site leveling, and general clearing before the actual construction commences.

Excavations are done to pave way for haying of the foundations in accordance to the resident engineers’ guidelines. Different soil types call for different depths and extents of excavation.


2. Foundations and Substructure

This is the next stage, and is the point at which the reinforced concrete foundations are measured and built.  It includes placing any drainage under ground floor slab, placing a moisture barrier (DPM) between the soil and the slab, treating the soil with anti-termite protection and finally casting the concrete of the ground floor slab.


3. Superstructure and Walling

At this stage, the reinforced concrete elements e.g. columns, suspended slabs, beams etc. are built. Walling usually goes up at the same time. It is important to build these elements are specified by the building consultants, and as per relevant building codes as these forms the support structure of the house. 


4. Plumbing and Drainage

Pipe work and ducts for water supply and foul (dirty) water disposal is built into the structure


5. Electrical Installations

Conduiting for lighting, and power supply are is built into the structure.


6. Roofing

At this stage, your house begins to look more complete. This is when your roof support structure gets built in (E.g. Timber trusses) and the covering placed on (E.g. Corrugated Roofing sheets)


7. Doors and Windows

Doors and windows are built-in at this stage to secure the house, so that interior finishes can commence.


8. Internal Finishes

This stage is determined a lot by the tastes, preferences and budget of the developer. Internal finishes include; Choice of floor finish, Paint, Light fittings, Cabinets, Counter tops, sanitary fittings etc.   


9. External Finishes

This consists of the elements that make up the exterior view of the house, as shown in the renders and animations purchased